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Why Work with Dr. Andy Barlow, DC?

Barlow Brain & Body Institute is unique because the founder and lead instructor, Dr. Andy Barlow, DC, operates his own chiropractic office while practicing full-time and actively teaching. He is a graduate of the Carrick Institute, and is a Fellow of the American College of Functional Neurology.

“I don’t play small because I’ve seen over and over again patients in my clinic go from immobile and depressed to living their best life. I’ve challenged myself and gone outside my comfort zone so that people can feel better, walk better and live better. The success stories I witness each day are what motivates me to continue teaching and mentoring doctors.” — Dr. Andy Barlow, DC

Trusted Advisor Program - $4,000 (One—time Licensing Fee & Includes 250 Copies)

Every Doctor needs a "Trusted Advisor Piece" to ensure patients have the knowledge they need to make wise health decisions. This Trusted Advisor Piece is a 16—page, comprehensive guide to help patients learn about the importance of alternative healthcare. It's designed to help patients take responsibility for their health by scheduling a "Neurological Exam." The Trusted Advisor Piece license includes:

  • 250 copies at the time of purchase of customized booklet w/ Doctor insert page and PDF version*
  • Custom Doctor insert with your contact and clinic information
  • Professionally written article published to 100+ affiliate sites such as NBC, FOX, and CBS
  • Posted in Google News & Digital Journal
  • PDF with live URLS are made available to all your articles

*You must purchase all Booklet reprints from BBI or licensing is revoked

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  • CBS News
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  • NBC News
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Co-Manage Patient Program

Co—Manage Patient Program
$3,500 per patient

The Co-Manage Program, Dr. Barlow, DC, helps you build the confidence you need to achieve a higher case fee. When you sign up for the Co—Manage Program, Dr. Barlow, DC, allows you and your team to onboard a new patient from intake to invoice.

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Doctor Consulting Program

$2,500/month (3-month min.)

Whether you are just getting started or looking to take your patient care and practice to the next level, Dr. Barlow, DC, loves helping other doctors achieve their goals. The consulting program enables you to get one on one time with Dr. Barlow, DC, for you to ask questions related to patient care, your business, equipment, staff, and marketing.

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In-Office Follow Alongs

In—Office Follow Alongs
$1,500/per visit

In—office shadows are currently done at his office in Tupelo, MS, and are an excellent opportunity to see everything you have been learning in action. You get to shadow Dr. Barlow, DC, for a half-day as he treats patients. Following Dr. Barlow, DC is an excellent opportunity for doctors who are already attending in-person classes in Tupelo.

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