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Fast Track Knee Training

📚 Type: 5+ Hours of Pre-Recorded Video

🗓️ Date: Purchase and Watch Anytime!

Fee: $500

Total Duration – 5 Hours+


Training program created to help doctors who want to treat chronic knee pain but, haven’t had the time to get proper training. The best part about this program is you can watch it in one afternoon, and start putting what you learned into practice.

Course Outline & Benefits:

  1. Introduction & Suitability
    • Understand who will benefit most from this training and who it’s not intended for.
  2. Entering the Knee Niche Market
    • Grasp the reasons for specializing in knee pain treatment.
    • Learn about the two types of knee pain sufferers and how to find patients.
    • Determine the level of care required and how to integrate your Metabolic Program.
  3. Metabolic Program Details
    • Dive into the Neuro Metabolic Program and its pricing structure.
    • Gain insights into the digestive system, leaky gut, and the significance of detox and blood work numbers.
  4. Neuro Reconnect System (Knee Specific)
    • A step-by-step guide to the Neuro Reconnect System tailored for knee treatment.
    • Practical skills for examining and treating knee-specific neurological issues.
  5. Advanced Equipment Techniques
    • Training in the use of cutting-edge equipment like Knee On Trac and Micro-Light Laser Therapy.
  6. Marketing Mastery
    • Access to marketing resources and tips to promote your new services.
    • A 5-step video template designed for chiropractors, including a bonus knee pain campaign with video scripts.
  7. Exclusive Bonus Materials
    • Comprehensive neurological exam protocols.
    • Detailed explanation of the nine nerve fibers.
    • Strategies to identify and address neurotoxins and autoimmune attacks.

This training is not just a course; it’s a career advancement tool. It’s perfect for doctors looking to develop a niche in knee pain management and eager to provide relief to patients with cutting-edge, evidence-based treatments. Enroll now and start transforming your practice today!