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Equipment Vendors

The following products are a few of the most requested by our doctors. Contact information is provided if you are interested in adding these products to your practice.Remember to mention where you heard about equipment to get special rates.

Ergoflex Technologies

Ergo—Flex Technologies was formed in 2011 following over two years of the initial design of what progressed into our first piece of equipment, the Back On Trac. Today, most doctors say that the Back On Trac is the most famous piece of equipment in their practice. For more information and ordering, contact

Back on Trac - Spinal Decompression Chair
Back on Trac — Spinal Decompression Chair
Knee on Trac - Knee Compression Chair
Knee on Trac — Knee Compression Chair
Total Brain & Body O2 (Clinical)

ML Logo

Established in 1990, MICROLIGHT CORPORATION OF AMERICA is a pioneer in cold laser therapy as the first company with FDA clearance to market low-level laser therapy (LLLT) for the non-surgical treatment of pain through adjunctive therapy in patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The MicroLight patented 830 nanometer (nm) wavelength Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenide (GaAIAs) laser is classified by the FDA as a laser device for adjunctive use in pain therapy. There are 30+ years of clinical studies published on PubMed documenting that the 830nm range is the optimal wavelength to treat pain and inflammation. For more information and to order, contact

New ML830® Smart Laser
New ML830® Smart Laser
Freedom from Pain
Freedom from Pain
Smart Laser in Action
Smart Laser in Action

Medical Wave US Logo

Medical Wave is a medical device company specializing in the world’s most effective EPAT/Shockwave Therapy technology, reporting a 91% success rate according to clinical studies. Medical Wave provides “STORZ Medical,” the world’s most advanced shockwave technology, to leading healthcare professionals specializing in a wide variety of medical disciplines. For more information and to order, contact Chuck 561-707-0530.

STORZ Medical Shockwave System
Medical Shockwave System by Medical Wave US

HAKO Med Logo

The HakoMed and its Patented Horizontal Therapy is quite simply the Very Best Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy available.

HT Therapy is also an excellent Alternative to Narcotics in Pain Management…ask about our Knee Pain success!

FDA cleared since 1998!

We Guarantee your Satisfaction

or you can return the device …

No questions asked.

We will Finance your HakoMed for as little as $500 per month…Interest-Free with No Obligation!

As a member of Dr. Barlow’s group, you are Pre-Approved.

No Credit Check or Application.

Benefits of HT Therapy

  1. Pain Relief
  2. Improved Circulation
  3. Reduction of Inflammation
  4. Muscle Stimulation
  5. Regeneration by Cell Mitosis

Review our Purchase Agreement and request Clinical Studies.

Contact :

Marshall Odom


STORZ Medical Shockwave System

HAKO Med Logo

Discover Revolutionary Healing with Platelet Therapy™

At Platelet Therapy™, we harness your body's natural healing power to offer exceptional results through cutting-edge technology. Our personalized cell therapy is tailored to your unique biological makeup, beginning with a simple fingerstick to assess your baseline platelet count on the day of treatment. This enables us to determine the precise volume of blood required to reach a therapeutic concentration of 1.5 billion platelets per mL for injection.

Our meticulous two-spin centrifugation process ensures that we achieve the target platelet concentration. We don’t just stop there; your Platelet Therapy™ is rigorously tested post-preparation to guarantee it meets the therapeutic standard for promoting healing.

Platelet Therapy™ is not just a treatment; it's a transformation. We concentrate on delivering a superphysiological blend of platelets, growth factors, exosomes, and an array of healing elements designed to amplify your body's innate repair mechanisms.

Whether you're battling chronic pain, grappling with autoimmune conditions, or facing the persistent aftermath of COVID, Platelet Therapy™ offers a pathway to relief and recovery. Embrace the potential to rejuvenate and restore. Embark on your healing journey with Platelet Therapy™ today, and experience the pinnacle of regenerative medicine.

For more information or visit our Website: