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Breaking the Code of Chronic Disease with Dr. Andy Barlow: Rational Wellness

Dr. Andy Barlow discusses How to Break the Code of Chronic Disease with Dr. Ben Weitz. Dr. Andy Barlow, a chiropractor and functional medicine expert, discusses how to prevent chronic diseases like autoimmune diseases using a chiropractic functional medicine approach. He emphasizes the importance of addressing the underlying causes of dysfunction and disease rather than just treating symptoms. Dr. Barlow explains that functional medicine looks at the body as a whole, recognizing that different organ systems work together and that dysfunction in one area can affect the entire body. He discusses the role of inflammation, blood sugar, environmental toxins, autoimmunity, vascular health, trauma, and leaky gut in chronic health problems. Dr. Barlow also highlights the importance of early detection and intervention to prevent the progression of autoimmune diseases. He recommends specific tests, such as Cyrex Array tests, to identify triggers and codes that contribute to chronic health problems. Dr. Barlow concludes by emphasizing the need for a comprehensive approach that combines functional medicine and functional neurology to optimize health and recovery. Dr. Andy Barlow is a certified Chiropractic Neurologist and an expert in Functional Medicine. Dr. Barlow has identified specific codes that unlock the mysteries of chronic health problems. He is a two time best-selling author and his new book is The Code Breaker: Unlocking the Mysteries of Health and Vitality and Establishing the Foundation for a Disease-free Life. Dr. Barlow’s website is Dr. Ben Weitz is available for Functional Nutrition consultations specializing in Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders like IBS/SIBO and Reflux and also Cardiometabolic Risk Factors like elevated lipids, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure. Dr. Weitz has also successfully helped many patients with managing their weight and improving their athletic performance, as well as sports chiropractic work by calling his Santa Monica office 310-395-3111.