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Clinical Mastery of Frozen Shoulder w/ Bonus Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Clinical Mastery of the Lumbosacral Plexus

📚 Type: 5+ Hours of Pre-Recorded Video

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Fee: $197

Total Duration – 5 Hours+


  • Hour 1: Lumbar Spine Expertise – Uncover the critical role of the Lumbosacral plexus in supporting and stabilizing the lumbar spine.
  • Hour 2: Mastering Hip Function – Delve into the intricate nerve supply to hip muscles, vital for effective movement and stability.
  • Hour 3: Enhancing Knee Function – Gain insights into how the Lumbosacral plexus affects knee joint muscles, essential for flexion and extension.
  • Hour 4: Foot Function Secrets – Explore the pivotal role of the Lumbosacral plexus in foot and ankle muscle control, a cornerstone for balance and mobility.

Duration: 4 Hours of Engaging, Insightful Learning

Upon registration, you’ll gain access to our exclusive online training portal, where you can revisit the recorded live training sessions at your leisure. Additionally, all bonus materials will be readily available for you in this centralized, easy-to-navigate platform.

Included Bonus Video’s:

• Digestive System & Leaky Gut Explained: A clear breakdown of how Leaky Gut affects the digestive system.

• Neuro Metabolic Program: Insights into integrating neurology and metabolism in patient care.

• Pricing for Metabolic Program: Strategies for effectively pricing and offering metabolic programs.

• Detox & Blood Work Numbers Explained: Demystifying detox processes and interpreting key blood work numbers.

• Nine Nerve Fibers Explained: A deep dive into the function and importance of nerve fibers.

• Neuro Toxins Destroying Patients’ Bodies: Identifying and addressing neurotoxins that harm patients.

• Bring the Brain Back Online using Stimulation: Techniques for reactivating the brain through stimulation.