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Dr. Chris Steiner, DC

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Time: 8:30 AM CST
20 hours in duration each
1 module equals 20 hours
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (½ day Sunday)

AFNC Module 1 – Functional Neurology Made So Simple, Even a Patient can Understand.


This is a 3-day live program with an online component where we cover the topics from mindset, to get you familiar with how to explode your practice using functional neurology.

Highlights of Event:

  • The Mindset needed to communicate effectively when working with high case fee patients
  • How to attract Patients that have tried everything with no results and you give them life-changing results.
  • How to be a better communicator when talking with patients
  • How to close case fees, commiserate your new skill level
  • Getting qualified patients in your clinic
  • What your staff needs to knowHow to Run a 100% Cash business.
  • Head to toe Neurological Exam
  • How to treat knee pain
  • How to treat neuropathy & how to know the exact program length for each patient and how to build personalized protocols.
  • How to implement a Metabolic Program along with Blood work that

About Instructor

Dr. Andy Barlow, DC carries 3 distinct titles, Board Certified Neurologist, Fellowship in Functional Neurology, and Active Chiropractic Practice. In the trenches every day seeing what works and more importantly what doesn’t work for patients and practice owners.

Join us as we study the functional medicine and neurological aspect in a way that you thought was impossible, building a foundation for understanding the function of the entire neurological system.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how oxygen, glucose, and stimulation, and inflammatory processes will either help or hinder the healing process of our patients.
  • Learn how to start the process of healing the whole body, instead of treating the symptom
  • Mindset – learn how to market, advertise and communicate more effectively to qualify patients. Marketing for a month needs to be your case fee
  • What you are going to learn in this seminar you will be able to apply Monday morning
  • Simple guides, follow-along workbooks, and key take away videos for you to reference after the class
  • Learn how to give “The UnForgettable Neurological Exam” that will blow your patient’s mind. And all the equipment you will need to give an exam.


  • Licensed Primary Healthcare provider
  • CA’s can attend this seminar with their Clinic Director present
  • There only has to be a willingness and interest in learning more about how to help patients with chronic debilitating health problems/challenges.

How this knowledge is useful:

  1. Be able to know if you can help a Knee pain patient within 2 visits
  2. Peripheral neuropathy how to do a proper functional neurological exam to determine the length of treatment plan
  3. Specific care plan for the patient as determined by their exam not determined by a pre-set protocol
  4. Have a metabolic program that gets patients results – this is a MUST FOR EVERY CLINIC WITHOUT QUESTION

Who this course is for:

  • Any primary healthcare provider interested in learning about complex Neurological issues
  • Chiropractors
  • ND’s & MD’s
  • Ph.D.’s
  • Nurses Practitioners
  • Physician Assistants

This course includes:

  • 3 hours on-demand video
  • 1 downloadable resource
  • 6-12 Month Access of class recording
  • Certification Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

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