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All—Access Certification Program

24—Month — Instructor Program

Total CEU Courses: 10
Limited to 10 doctors

Description: The 24—month All-Access Program is for doctors who are all in and dedicated to the field of Neurology or are frustrated with the limitations of current modalities and are ready to learn new ways to optimize their patient's results. This program is also a requirement if you would like to be considered for the BBI instructor program.

Over the next 24 months you will learn Advanced Functional Neurology and a Multimodal technique proven to help patients with frozen shoulders and more. In addition to the educational aspects of this program, there is a huge value in the 1:1 opportunities with Dr. Barlow. Some of the benefits that are only offered in this program include Unlimited Co-Management for Patients, Consulting, consideration for the BBI Board of Advisors, Co-Author opportunities, and access to invite-only trips.


  • ALL 4 Modules of American Functional Neurology Certification (AFNC) — Includes 4 CEU Courses $24,000
  • NeuroReconnect System Certification (NRSC) Upper & Lower — Includes (2) CEU Course $20,000
  • Blood/Meta Live Streamed Course $4,000
  • Trusted Advisor Piece (Marketing & Credibility piece) $4,000
  • Scripts for 16 One minute TV Commercials to promote to patients in your area
  • NO Charge for any new courses developed inside of your 24 months Priceless
  • Includes (1) office Staff Member and (1) Doctor Associate can attend at 50% off class prices $52,000

PLUS 1:1 Access with Dr. Barlow:

  • Patient Co-management Program (Unlimited) $75,000
  • 1:1 Coaching (Up to 4 hours a month) $18,500
  • Follow- Along (8 scheduled visits) $12,000

All Access ONLY Perks

  • BBI Board of Advisors Member Priceless
  • Considered for instructor Priceless & add new revenue to bottom line
  • 15% off future BBI products and services
  • Co-Author opportunities $15,000
  • Access to invite only trips Priceless
  • Payment Options

    Monthly Payments: $15,000 intial and $1,913 for 23 months = $59,000
    Pay In Full: $55,000

    Total Value: $230,000

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    Pricing Subject To Change